5 Consequences of an inappropriate warm up


5 Consequences of an inappropriate warm up

5 Consequences of an inappropriate warm up for your dog

Often when we exercise our dogs we do not have a set warm up or cool down routine but this can have consequences for both our dog's health and competitive performance.

Whether you are just taking your dog for a walk or competing a lack of warm up can have many consequences. Here are 5 reasons why inappropriate warm up may have a negative affect on your dog.

  1. Increases the dog's risk of muscular injury. Cold muscles are more likely to be over exerted than warm and supple ones so strains and tears are more likely to occur if the muscles are not prepared for the increase in movement and exertion.
  2. Stresses the dog's joints. Joints that have not been warmed up and prepared to move through their full range of motion are at a higher risk of sprain. Stiff unprepared joints will not be ready to absorb concussive forces.
  3. Exhaustion. Exhaustion may occur with too long or too intense a warm up so getting the right balance for each individual is important. The required duration of warm up will also change depending on whether the dog is going to need to perform an endurance or aerobic activity.
  4. Lack of focus. Mental preparation may be as important as physical. If your dog is not listening to you but is stimulated by the environment you may struggle with a recall. In competition if the dog is not focussed and working with you mistakes can be made creating unnecessary faults.
  5. Lack of performance. If mind or body is not fully prepared for exercise the dog will not be able to perform optimally. In competition this may mean slower times and accuracy or less fluid movement.

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