Owning a Springer Spaniel


Owning a Springer Spaniel

Owning a Springer Spaniel.

I wasn't looking for a dog, in fact I had gone to treat a horse, but there she was a 4 month old Springer pup that no one had wanted. I said I would ask my landlord as I was renting a flat at the time and thought he would definitely say no. But he didn't! What should I do now? It looks like I have no reason not to take on my first Springer.

I had previously owned collies and liked the active breeds but wow what a difference. She travelled home quietly in a borrowed crate on the back seat of my car. No travel sickness which was great. In fact she saved it up and produced a huge pile on the carpet as soon as she was introduced to her new home. After a couple of days she stopped eating so I sat down with her and offered her lots of different foods to see what she liked best. She turned down everything and so I turned to the dog training book for advise. It said to put the food down and if the dog left the food to pick it straight up and wait until the next meal time, she was playing me. In fact it has been a battle of wills for the last 11 1/2 years.

If I went to a different room she would follow me. I couldn't even have a bath with the door shut, or rather I did but it was then that she found the dog training book and chewed it up! Rules, that is what she needed. It was only later that I realised she already had a set of rules, unfortunately they were her rules not mine. If our rules were not the same she would always try her rules first before accepting mine. If you own a Springer you know their first rule is persistence. I have never known such a strong willed, persistent dog in all my life.

For the first 6 years she slept on her own bed at the bottom of my bed. In her 6th year it was a particularly cold winter and so one night I let her sleep on my bed so we could keep each other warm. I have not managed to get her to sleep on her own bed again since. I gave in for one night and that was enough for her to think we had totally rewritten the rules.

Aunty and the Grandparents were easy for her to train, she taught them everything she knows. In fact the rules of no dogs on the sofa have now also been rewritten.

I have also never previously had a dog with such an in built watch. Breakfast is as soon as we get up and as for dinner... Well that depends on who is around. My rule is no dinner before 6pm or she tends to forget that she has had it and wants more later. If I leave her with my sister or mum and they give her dinner before 6pm this is an open invitation to shout when you want it. So in Spring's eyes dinner can be any time after 3pm and if you shout at them loud enough she knows they will cave eventually.

Apart from this she is the kindest, most loving, easy going and beautiful person I have ever wished to live with. I adore her with all my heart and YES I would have another spaniel.