Pets Reduce Our Anxiety


Pets Reduce Our Anxiety

In modern life we often find our stress and anxiety levels are higher than we would like. Trying to get everything done and also have time to relax can be a real challenge.

Stress and anxiety are often caused when we are living in either the past or the future rather than the present. By worrying about things that have already happened, and therefore things that can not be changed, unnecessary states of stress can occur. Alternately some worry about things that have not yet happened. Anxiety levels then rise as your voice of doom predicts negative events will happen in the future when in fact they may not occur at all.

People that live in the present are usually a lot more relaxed as they are not trying to second guess what is about to happen but instead just enjoy what is happening at the immediate time. By interacting with our animals we are brought into the present which will calm our nerves and reduce our stress. Our pets make us use our senses which bring our thoughts to the present. By stroking our pet we use our sense of touch, we often look at them using our sight and listen to their breathing or purring. The more of your senses you employ the more present you will feel and the calmer you will become.

We can learn other ways to reduce our stress from our pets as well. Most animals spend a lot more time resting, relaxing or sleeping than we do. They are happy to nap throughout the day. Sleep is so important to allow our body time to regenerate. Think how quickly your dog can jump up from a sleep to go for a walk. Do you wake up that rejuvenated in the mornings?

Our pets also don't tend to hide their feelings. They are happy to get excited about small things in their life and don't need material objects to make them feel good.  They don't harbour grudges by living in the past but instead look for opportunities of fun to be had in the present. If we smile and laugh more our stress levels also reduce so try to do something each day that you enjoy.

So try and spend some quality time with your animals each day where you can just enjoy their company and be present, stroke them and listen to their breathing and above all appreciate their lessons in reducing your stress.